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Missing Back Teeth

Why do I need to replace a missing back tooth?

Chain reaction

A missing back tooth can start a chain reaction over years that in extreme cases could lead to the loss of more teeth. Back teeth (molars) are chewing teeth.

Further tooth movement

Back teeth keep growing (erupt) and tilt and drift towards the front of the mouth if there’s a gap. If one tooth is missing, the opposing tooth moves into its place, teeth further back tilt and drift to where the opposing tooth was and so on


Tilted teeth soon develop gum pockets along their front root. Gum pockets are abnormal deep, narrow spaces that form between the gums and the root surface. These pockets trap food debris and bacteria. They are very difficult to clean and are, therefore, constantly inflamed.

Possibility of more tooth loss

In this hostile environment of plaque, gum and periodontal diseases, decay will soon follow, especially on the exposed roots of the over erupted teeth. Unchecked decay allows bacteria to enter the pulps (nerves) of teeth. This will lead to abscesses, which combined with the looseness of the teeth (mobility), will mean the only solution is to extract the teeth.

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  • Having recently had serious tooth ache I managed to get booked into El Nashar, and I can honestly say from start to finish I was well looked after. I was seen by Victoria and Mary and they both made me feel calm and relaxed even though I was in tremendous pain. And a special thanks to Tiffany who helped me with booking more appointments and also gave me the relevant information I needed for my health insurance. All round fantastic service. What a team!!

    Matthew King - See Google Reviews

  • I joined El Nashar at the beginning of this year, everyone I have come into contact with has been so friendly. I have been very impressed both with the staff and also the equipment in the surgery. To date, I have seen one of the hygienists Fran and my new dentist Veronica both have been excellent and very thorough. Special call out also to Vanessa on reception, today who was very helpful in rearranging some appointments.

    Jane Slater - See Google Reviews

  • After feeling let down by my NHS dentist my husband managed to get me an emergency appointment at El Nashar. I have been in absolute agony for a few weeks and feeling totally drained. From the minute I walked in I felt welcome, the reception team were lovely and very informative. I was seen by Jo and Mary and all I can say is I’ve never felt so relaxed at a dentist appointment. Jo went above and beyond to help me and the customer service all round was exceptional :)

    Alexis Prescott - See Google Reviews

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