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Signature Smile


Using Cutting-Edge Cosmetic Dentistry To Give You A New Smile In Only 2 Hours

We are thrilled to present our cosmetic innovation, Signature Smile. This unique treatment offers patients up to 10 composite veneers, whose design is based on facially-driven smile design principles.

Lately, composite bonding and veneers have gained immense popularity as a go-to solution for those seeking to enhance their smiles.

Traditional methods of crafting composite bonding and veneers can be intricate, painful, technique sensitive, and time-consuming. However, with our state-of-the-art dental tech, we can consistently deliver exceptional smile designs, empowering your dentist to achieve outstanding and rapid results every time.

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Your Signature Smile Treatment Journey


Step 1 – Consultation

An initial 30-minute consultation followed by digital scans & photos.


Step 2 – Smile Trial

A 30-minute in-mouth smile trial, with photos, and an assessment of your proposed new smile.


Step 3 – Apply Smile

In 90-minutes, your tailored Signature Smile design is applied to create your new smile.


Step 4 – Review

A 30-minute appointment for micro-adjustments and refinements to finalise your Signature Smile.


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Rachel’s Smile Transformation

Rachel was unhappy with the gumminess of her smile and also the gaps that were present. Through our smile trial process, we were able to plan what an ideal smile for Rachel would look like.

This highlighted that gum repositioning was required to provide better tooth and gum symmetry. Following gum recontouring, her Signature Smile was used to close the spaces and provide her with her beautiful new smile.



Why Choose A Signature Smile?

Pain & Needle-Free

Our treatment eliminates the need for tooth adjustments in 95% of cases, making injections a rare requirement. Our conservative approach leaves your teeth untouched and is perfect for those who get anxious about dental procedures.

Personalised Design

Share your preferences and concerns with your dentist, who will incorporate them into your custom smile design. During the smile trial, you can review the proposed design, and if needed, request a redesign for a second trial. This approach ensures a strong emotional connection to your rejuvenated smile.

Top Quality Results

Our Signature Smile stents enable dentists to accurately replicate your new smile design in your mouth. The innovative stent allows for a seamless, single-piece composite veneer that’s not only stronger but also less likely to stain than traditional composite restorations.

Rapid Turnaround

Achieve your stunning new smile in just 90 minutes with our amazingly efficient Signature Smile treatment.

Affordable Excellence

Enjoy the benefits of a stunning smile with results similar to porcelain veneers… but at a fraction of the cost.

Easily Repairable

If your veneers get damaged, our smile templates make light work of restoring them to their original design & colour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get asked by our patients:

Can I preview my smile?

At step 2 of our process, you will see a mock-up of your proposed new smile physically in your mouth, using our smile templates. If you are unhappy with how it looks, we can discuss changes and improvements and refer these to our smile technician, who will amend the design for a second smile trial.

How long will my smile last?

Composite veneers should last between 7-9 years. However,  if you grind your teeth, are a smoker or bite your nails/pens, then the life span will be reduced. If you are a grinder, then the use of a night guard will help prolong your veneer’s lifespan.

It’s possible to refurbish and recondition your Signature Smile at a later date, as we can use the original smile templates. The cost to do so is normally less than the original cost, as all the design/lab work has been completed beforehand.

Will I need follow up appointments?

Once your Signature Smile has been carried out, there will be a review appointment to carry out any refinements or changes.

Will it straighten my teeth?

A signature Smile can be used to align teeth if there is mild crowding. A lot of cases will involve adding composite to your teeth to make them more prominent and visible and this will allow us to mask the mild crowding issues. This should not involve any adjustments to your teeth.

In cases where crowding is more extensive, orthodontics options should be discussed as a first option. However, if patients don’t want orthodontic treatment, then some minimal adjustments can be made to the teeth to allow your Signature Smile to be effectively carried out.

Will my teeth hurt?

Signature Smile is a very conservative process. In 95% of cases, the treatment is additive with no teeth reduction or local anaesthetic required. If some tooth reduction is required then it will be enamel only. As enamel has no nerve endings no local anaesthetic is required.

What colour should I choose?

Your dentist will be able to talk to you about the various colours that you can go for, ranging from natural shades up to super-bleached shades.

Your dentist can only be a guide as tooth colour is a very personal, subjective choice.

What if I have missing teeth?

A signature Smile can be carried out in cases with missing teeth. Dental implants can be placed and incorporated into the original smile design. In addition, provided the bite is correct, it may be possible to replace a missing tooth with a fibre-reinforced composite tooth as part of Signature Smile.

What if I crack/damage a veneer?

Accidents happen, and if you do break a veneer then it is very easy and straightforward to fix the issue.

Using the original smile templates, your dentist can reintroduce the exact veneer shape and colour.

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